Temples are non profit, spiritual and service oriented organizations. They are responsible to God and devotees. It is often observed that the temples are established with great enthusiasm, but with passing time they mainly suffer from a lack of maintenance, poor service, inadequate tourist facilities, minimal community participation and inefficient public relations.

  1.  Good Practices: Here, you will find the details of good practices in various departments of an ISKCON temple. We all can benefit from their research, experience in those areas, and save our valuable time.
  2.  Leadership Experiences: One of the crucial factors for ensuring smooth and effective transition is transmission of tacit knowledge. We have tried to capture the experiences and insights of senior Srila Prabhupada disciples who have served the mission in top leadership positions.
  3.  'How to Organise' Handbooks: We have prepared process documents to organise various departments in a temple. This will help you to organise public festivals, pilgrimage tours, outreach programs, restaurants etc at your temple.